Next Generation of Crash Data Retrieval Tools

Crash Response has purchased the Bosch CDR 900, the latest technology for retrieving crash data stored in airbag control modules, pedestrian protection ECUs and GM’s active safety control modules. It is the  most current CDR platform going forward, requiring new hardware and software.

The new system is essential for the support of new model vehicle years and EDR (event data recorder) systems.  It is the only iteration of the CDR that can download EDR data from Subaru models.

The CDR 900 is also used to access GM’s Active Safety Control Module (ASCM) data.  The ASCM provides alerts and driver assistance through active safety systems. The ACSM is equipped with a data recorder capable of storing one data event. Event data recording can be triggered by collision imminent braking or airbag deployments. The data recording window can be either 4 seconds before the end of an auto braking event or 4 seconds before an airbag deployment.

This new iteration of the Bosch CDR tool is a crucial tool for extracting crash information from a multitude of vehicle manufacturers’ products. The retrieved data is an important component of a complete crash reconstruction.