Accident Reconstruction

At Crash Response, we reconstruct crashes involving vehicles ranging from tractor-trailers to passenger vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles.

Airbag Control Modules

Crash Response will retrieve the available data from the airbag control module and interpret it for you.

Heavy Truck Crashes

Heavy truck crashes are different from that of a typical car crash in many ways— the crash dynamics, the braking systems, the regulations and more.

Truck EDR Downloads

Crash Response has the capability to download EDR (black box) data from most engine manufacturers and the expertise to interpret it correctly.

Motorcycle Crashes

Dwayne Owen has been riding motorcycles for over forty years and has investigated hundreds of motorcycle crashes during his career.

Pedestrian & Bicycle Accidents

The investigation includes determining the movements of the pedestrian or bicyclist and the motor vehicle at various times, visibility, and conspicuity.