Accident Reconstruction


Accident reconstruction combines physical evidence and facts learned in an investigation with scientific principles to determine how a crash occurred. At Crash Response we reconstruct crashes involving vehicles ranging from tractor-trailers to passenger vehicles, motorcycles and bicyclists.


Crash Response provides:

  • Precise on-scene measurements with Total Station mapping
  • On-site skid testing for representative coefficient of friction data
  • Vehicle inspection and damage analysis including lamp and tire examination
  • Crash data download and analysis (Event Data Recorders and “black box”)
  • Air brake testing on heavy vehicles
  • Sight line analysis including visibility restrictions and conspicuity
  • Reconstruction, Vehicle Dynamics analysis
  • Written reports, CAD scale drawings and expert testimony

Some of the questions a reconstruction can answer are:

  • Was the crash avoidable by either party?
  • What was the vehicle’s position at the time of impact?
  • What effect did out-of-service brakes have on the truck’s deceleration rate?
  • Was the tire damage the cause or the result of the crash?
  • Did the motorcyclist use both brakes or just the rear one?
  • Was pavement drop-off a factor in the crash?
  • In the event of occupant ejection, who was actually driving the vehicle?