New Visualization Software Added – Major Update to Services Provided

FARO Zone 3D is a new forensic investigation software program that we have recently purchased which allows us to create 2D and 3D visualizations from virtually any measurement source including Google maps, manual measurements, data from total stations and point cloud data from drones and laser scanners.  The vehicle positions match exact data points for an accurate visualization.

The improved visualizations include Event Data Recorder (airbag control module)  dashboard views. In order to produce the dashboard view, the software uses information downloaded from the airbag control module with the Bosch CDR tool that is then entered into the FARO software program.  Depending on the information inputted, the dashboard view can visually show speed, steering input in degrees, yaw rate, accelerator pedal input, brake and ABS activity, and much more.

The software also includes traffic and vehicle lights and weather conditions such as rain, snow and fog. The camera positions can be adjusted to show the crash from a variety of angles, including from inside the vehicle.