New ECM Download Technology Added

Crash Response has recently purchased a Forensic Link Adapter which augments our ability to image ECM data from heavy trucks. It is specifically designed to produce forensically sound records from heavy vehicle event data recorders. Most significantly, the Forensic Link Adapter contains a hardware write-blocker which prevents alteration of the ECM data. It also has automatic strong encryption of forensic data to securely download, preserve, and authenticate digital forensic data.

The Forensic Link Adapter can be used on PACCAR, Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel and Mercedes ECMs. It has an advantage over the Caterpillar OEM software for retrieving data in a power loss situation. If power is lost to the ECM during a crash, it can result in a partial snapshot record. Only the Forensic Link Adapter can extract this valuable data; Caterpillar OEM software cannot.

Mr. Owen recently completed a 20 hour course taught at the University of Tulsa on the capabilities and uses of the Forensic  Link Adapter. The course included practical training in the field on imaging ECMs from a variety of heavy vehicles.